Let the Journey Begins

Oh, hello there!

My name is Tristin and I’m currently attending college when I created this blog. The first purpose I made this blog is to post my tasks and some random stuffs that splashed in my mind. You will find a lot of articles I wrote in Bahasa Indonesia, but in the future, I wish I can post some articles in English so everyone can read my writings.

I had another blog before this one, it was a Blogspot site that I created in 2015 with the same purpose as this blog, but several days ago, I got a recommendation from my lecturer, Miss Nanie, to move into WordPress (it’s a lot simpler she said, which turns out I agreed with her, and I love the fonts!)

I got influenced by a singer-songwriter, Greyson Chance, since 2011. I’ve learned a lot of things from that Oklahoman young man, like American culture, alternative music he likes, and also I learned to find my own authentic personality. He taught me to never stop getting up when you’re down through his life experience that I witnessed.

Also, I love to read books, John Green, Mitch Albom, and Dan Brown are the three writers who could blow my mind up. You might say “I know right,” but they’re truly geniuses. For instance, you can read Green’s Paper Towns, Albom’s The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto, and Brown’s (well I haven’t read much though) Inferno—it changes my mind a lot, FYI.

Wish a four paragraphs of description can pay your curiousness about me. Happy reading!

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She was not fragile like a flower, she was fragile like a bomb. — Rahul Singh Ratour

P.s.: The beautiful featured image above was taken by my one and only Whitemate, Stella Felicia at Tanimbar Kei, Indonesia.

P.s.s.: The posts I posted before April 20th, 2018 that you might see at the featured posts are from my previous blog. I moved the best ones to here.

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